The opportunity for industry to work in partnership with government and academia through the Center for Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI) is immeasurable. Forming unique research partnerships, researchers and decision-makers are creating the next generation of visual and decision support tools and techniques.

CVDI and Industry
CVDI’s researchers and members focus on technologies in data science, big data, analytics, including visual analytics, augmented intelligence, and decision informatics. By partnering with industry, students and researchers address challenges through a collaborative environment and leverage the best capabilities of industry and academia. The community derives value from not only the research results, but also from sharing experiences and ideas.
Why do Industry Leaders want to be part of CVDI?
The CVDI recognizes that navigating through big data analytics does not come natural for many corporations. By developing targeted solutions, the process is easier and more engaging. Initially focused on healthcare, biopharmaceutical and technology firms, the Center’s integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to research quickly piqued the interest of the security, search, financial, and entertainment sectors.
As a result of I/UCRC membership, member companies report an average of a 37-1 return on research dollars. Whether it is developing a proactive technology or training and education program, Center members collaborate directly with Center faculty, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students and others.
Membership Benefits: Top 5 Reasons to Join CVDI

1.    Industry controls the generation and choice of research topics

2.    Access to leading researchers and top graduate students

3.    Royalty-free licenses to technology generated through the Center

4.    Strategic networking and cooperation

5.    Annual meetings include tutorials from research leaders

To join or for membership questions, please contact:
Rong Zhao
Managing Site Director, CVDI
Stony Brook University